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Senior Software Engineer

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With over 13 years of experience in the computer software industry, I am a seasoned Software Engineer adept at crafting Cloud Native applications and Web applications, primarily utilizing Golang, .Net, and React (TypeScript). Throughout my professional journey, I have honed my skills in diverse programming languages such as C#, Golang, and JavaScript. My expertise extends to leveraging various tools and technologies, and I have gained exposure to multiple cloud solutions, including AWS, GCP, and OCI.

I thrive on challenges and actively seek projects that push me beyond my comfort zone, allowing me to expand my knowledge and skill set. The continuous pursuit of learning new languages and development techniques is not only a personal passion but also a commitment to contributing to the success of the organizations I work with.

In the last three years, I transitioned into the role of a DevOps Engineer to deepen my understanding of the Kubernetes Administration ecosystem. This experience has provided me with valuable insights into the intricacies of managing Kubernetes, reinforcing my expertise in orchestrating containerized applications. Currently, I have returned to my role as Senior Golang Engineer, combining my extensive software engineering background with newfound insights from the DevOps domain to deliver robust and scalable solutions.


From Aug 2021 To Oct 2023

(2+ Years)

fileee GmbH Münster, Germany

DevOps Engineer

Scaling, improving and maintaining Fileee IT infrastructure. This Ensure that fileee apps and tools run smoothly and always available for our customers using cutting edge tools. like Gitlab CI, ArgoCD, Prometheus, grafana, etc...

  • Improve and maintain our IT infrastructure with 3 OTC K8s Clusters
  • Containerization and orchestration using Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Build, Manage and Monitor Selfhosted Gitlab instance and create CI Pipelines
  • Manage our deployment process using ArgoCD
  • Install and monitor third party tools using Helm Charts and ArgoCD
  • Troubleshoot deployment issues and performance bottlenecks in close collaboration with our developers
  • Manage our internal Security Policies following Security best practices with SecOps practices as OWASP
  • Migrate our OTC infra to OCI using terraform
  • Search and adopt new tools to enhance our DevSecOps internal operations following best practices like hashicorp vault.
From Dec 2018 To Aug 2021

(3 Years)

Ori Industries ltd London, UK(Remote)

Software Engineer

Developing edge computing platform in a remote agile environment using cutting edge technologies and latest DevOps tools. The platform will provide the same great experience developers have with public clouds (such as AWS) but for close-to-the-user 5G-enabled network virtualized appliances instead of remote datacenters.

  • Develop microservices using Golang, latest google programming language.
  • Containerization and orchestration using Docker, Nomad and Kubernetes.
  • Kafka, NATS Streaming for microservices communication.
  • DDD, TDD, Integration Testing, CQRS.
  • Google Cloud Platform integration and deployment
  • CI/CD, CircleCI, Github, CodeClimate, HelmCharts.
  • Custom Kubernetes Controller(CRDs) to act as our management-plane for building our cloud
From Nov 2017 To Nov 2018

(1 Year)

RoomOne London, UK(Remote)

Unity3D Software Developer

Leading multiple projects for 5G usecases for Ericsson. Participated in the deployment and testing for demos in MWC.

  • Building Unity3D VR projects
  • Build IoT Demos using Python and Unity3D for Live Streaming Demos
  • Build Live Streaming Apps in Unity3D using 360 Cameras and Oculus Rift
  • Responding promptly to reports of bugs.
  • Optimizing Live Streaming Latency
From Feb 2012 To May 2018

(6+ Years)

Vanrise Offshore Beirut, Lebanon

Senior Software Engineer

Participated in the design, development, and support of a number of telecommunication web-based application, utilizing .NET, web services, web API, and client-server techniques. Provided technical expertise and organizational skills to a team of developers.

  • Supporting and enhancing existing software.
  • Developing software that conforms to the highest coding, architectural and project reporting guidelines.
  • Handling and analyzing large amounts of technical data.
  • Playing a major role in refactoring and developing a new version of telecom products.
  • Consulting with the various departments and stakeholders to determine system requirements.
  • Detecting performance bottlenecks.

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.Net Core
System Design
Gitlab CI
Azure Cloud


  • EnglishArabic: Native
  • SpanishEnglish: Advanced | C1
  • FrançaiseDeutsch: Intermediate | B2


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